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Multimodal Services

The delivery time and freight rate can be greatly reduced by utilising the sea and air freight service. Anant Express Logistics’ multimodal cargo shipping services combines sea and air transportation services to provide more than direct transportation while maintaining reasonable transfer times. You can also reduce storage costs at your destination by combining sea and air delivery services. All multimodal shipments remain integrated into our global network, systems and operating procedures and supported by Anant Express Logistics from start to finish.

Advantages of multimodal transport services

Improve performance and transit time- The transportation time of the multimodal service between normal air and sea transportation is in the same route, saving up to 50% of the time compared to sea transportation. Some routes act as capacity buffers, providing transfer times similar to air transportation but with much better performance thanks to the free space.

Global tracking and reporting- Anant Express Logistics online tracking system provides global visibility of all sea and air shipments; Electronic Data Interchange Communication (EDI) protocol processes sea and air vessel information.

Combine sea, sky and land to save costs instead of direct flights.

To be a licensed multimodal transport operator under the supervision of the Government’s Maritime Director. In India, you can deliver all transportation (land, rail, sea, air) to your valuables in a safe and timely manner anywhere in the world.

Our multimodal cargo services Gurgaon include:

  • Pick-up from origin and transport to the port of loading.
  • After customs clearance from the place of origin, it is loaded onto a ship or sent by air.
  • After customs clearance of the destination, it will be delivered to the recipient’s location.

You can order a container to the nearest port or state in the country of import. Upon arrival at the port, the destination agent can arrange to transport the container to the destination country and arrange all necessary border crossings. Our skilled team can ensure the smooth movement of any cross-border goods on the road.

Our assets across all modes allow a dedicated project team to deliver the best cargo services India. It is supported by our central headquarters services and our extensive warehouse network. And for these ultra-fast solutions, we can offer full or partial rental options.

Air, ocean, road or railway- our Cargo logistics company in India can put it all together to offer you the best route and also offer you barging and charter options. Our dedicated team is a world-class stand that supports project logistics management. We help our customers to improve air, sea and land transportation to provide the best route. We also offer high-speed solutions with full or partial charter flights. Contact Anant Express Logistics now.